Ok my ebay item just sold, its a gateway lcd monitor but it sold and i dont know what to do now! It says that it needs to be shipped which is obvious but it keeps telling me to print a shipping label and i think it will take the money out of the final costs of my pay pal... so if i buy the shipping label i just stick that on my package and thats it?
You gotta ship it to the buyer. It doesn't matter how, as long as it gets to them.
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It won't take it out of the cost, it will just deduct it from your PayPal account. But don't buy the label until the other guy pays for it.

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You have nothing in your paypal account? Don't do anything until you have the money.

i didnt think i get paid till the buyer confirms that he recieved it
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Probably tomorrow or Tuesday. A couple of business days, as it's a bank to bank thing.
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1. Go to My eBay and send an invoice to the Buyer (should be an option in your account)
2. Wait for the money to be credited to your Paypal Account. If there has been no payment in 24 hours, request the Buyer to pay by sending him repeated invoices or messages to that effect.
3. When the Buyer finally pays and your Paypal account duly credited, print out the invoice with his confirmed address.
4. Send the item as you have indicted (1st Class etc...) along with the printed invoice for the Buyers' Reference.
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