It also demonstrates how the show avoids undue gimmickry with the introduction of new monsters.True Blood DVD In the second season, we added the terrifying maenad Maryann to the mix, with brilliant results. In Season 3, it’s werewolves: bikers and brawlers who hate vampires with a passion and live in a state of undeclared war with them. A lesser show would put them front and center, dimming its vampire characters in favor of a new flash in the pan.
The beauty of Supernatural is its ability to blend the seemingly inane episodes and capers with the larger story at hand, namely the Apocalypse and the coming battle between Good and EvilSupernatural DVD
The Office DVDMuch of the dramatic tension in The Office stems from the obvious flirtation between Jim and Pam. Pam's three-years-and-counting engagement to the boorish Roy, who works in the warehouse, makes the flirtation simultaneously poignant and somewhat tragic.
Entourage DVDAs a life-long Entourage fan, Season 5 was by far the most exciting season of the series for me. That’s why the show’s 5th season was such a welcome surprise. Exploring what happens when the gang starts to go their separate ways, Season 6 was one of the show’s most dramatic and most rewarding seasons. Continue reading for a full DVD review including more thoughts on the season and information on special features
The cast still work hard to be pleasing and Jane Lynch is a wonderful villain despite the writers’ attempts to humanize her. Glee is not the shining beacon of originality that it once was but it is still an enjoyable show that quite often hits all the right notesGlee DVD