The Office takes place in the sales office of a Scranton, Penn. paper supply company, where a documentary film crew has decided to chronicle the goings on at an average American office. Steve Carell (The Daily Show, The 40-Year-Old Virgin) plays the office manager, Michael Scott, whose massive incompetence does nothing to dampen his tremendous ego.The Office DVD
These machinations actually allow Entourage plenty of time for the kind of insider subplots that interest me more than whether or not Vince can buy the car he wants or if Eric is going to be able to pull off a threesome with his girlfriend (Emmanuelle Chrigui) and her pal (Malin Akerman)--both of which come up this season. Far more fascinating are Ari's deals with the head of Warners (Paul Ben-Victor) or his old boss (Malcolm McDowell), or the industry jokes that spin out fast and furious. Entourage DVD
At the end of season 3, Raj and Howard registered the seemingly asexual Sheldon on a dating service. They filled the forms out accurately describing all of their friend's foibles and were somewhat astounded when a match was found. They arranged a meeting on Sheldon's behalf and they tricked him into showing up. What is Merlin, you ask? Basically... it's a British Smallville. You have a young man discovering and mastering more powers than he knows what to do with. There's a future king in the shadow of his domineering father. There's a wise man hoping the young boy never gets caught, with fear of the consequences. Merlin DVD
True Blood DVDSpeaking of the killing spree, it occurred to me halfway through the season that Sookie doesn′t react in any appropriate way. She finds a dead body? It scares her, then she moves on. A character close to her dies…
Weeds DVDA weed-dealing single mother living in sunny American suburbs may not sound like the most obvious choice for the setting of a hilarious comedy series, yet Weeds is possibly as addictive as the green plant itself.
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