I'm looking for a bass OD pedal, because the distortion channel on my Fender Rumble isn't quite cutting it. I want a pedal that can drive my bass to a nice grinding sound without making it sound fuzzy. Kinda like this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK74taWRRC4&feature=related But with a bit less gain. I play fingerstyle, btw. Just looking for a new sound. budget doesn't really matter, but I'd like to keep it less than $200
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I've said it before, and I will say it again:

Sansamp Bass Driver DI


Sansamp VT Bass

Searching completed.
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If you got that kind of budget and a rumble, sell the rumble and buy a better amp first. That sans amps half the cost of your amp and your amps got kind of the no mans land wattage, rather large for home practice, semi-sufficient for small band practice and mediocre for big practices or live use without a strong PA and mic presence.
Since budget is no option, if you are looking for the Ampeg SVT sort of distortion, go for the Tech 21 stuff. If you want a standalone bass distortion pedal that is a bit more versatile, go for the EBS Metal Drive. Despite the name, it is not merely a heavy metal distortion box. I've played through a lot of distortion boxes (particularly for bass)), and the Metal Drive is one of the few bass distortion units that doesn't sound like elephant farts in a vain attempt to replicate a cranked SVT.

IBanez has recently released a version of the Tube Screamer for bass, which is also an option. I have yet to spend any real time with it, but if it is as good as it's guitar brother, then it should be a fine pedal. And there's always the old standby, the EHX Big Muff Pi for bass. I'm not as thrilled with that one as are a lot of people, but it works and it definitely has a following.
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EBS MetalDrive. I have it, it suits my needs better than Ashdown JLo Hyperdrive. If you like warm rock bass overdrive then EBS ValveDrive, but it's more expensive.
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