Omega Cluster is my little personal project, in which I compose 99% of what will be on the record (little place for guest solos
The first song which is on its way to your ears, slow but steady, will clock at around 35 minutes. From orchestral to metal and almost everywhere in between, the song will take you on a journey.

Besides the instrumental, the lyrics will concern our little protagonist, Cluster, who is approached by "God" in a dramatic moment of his life. He'll have little choice but to obey this higher being, and things, like you imagine, will most likely turn reaaaaal bad, for him and for the entire planet. This song is only the prologue to a story I'm still working on.

Right now, Vishal J Singh (Amogh Symphony, Feathers of Jatinga, and many others) is recording the guitars, which is a hell of a job I can tell you. Kyle Grounds programmed the drums I wrote on Superior Drummer and they sound like a real dude! It's awesome!

I'm still seeking a talented bass player who has access to professional recording gear to complete the guitars-bass-drum trio. Then there'll be a lot of classical instrumentation to record, and I don't know if I should approach a Symphonic orchestra to record those or record them via numeric instrument programs.

I'm also in need of 3 male vocalists and 2 female ones, for the cast. The requirements are high, and I'd like to hear a vid or audio of you if you intend to apply.

Go there to listen to what's done yet and for updates : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Omega-Cluster/134943926559945