ok, so i have a old electric guitar that i don't ever use and is pretty shitty and i have been collecting random microbrew and old beer labels. I plan on covering the body and back of the neck of the guitar with these. ANyone have any suggestions on how i would do this. like what should i use to put them on. and should i put a clear coat of some sort on top. Let me know. I have no experience doing this kind of thing!....THANKS
look up decopage or some shit along the lines of that, its all about doing exactly what you wanna do, and yes you would probably want to clear coat it so you can take chunks out of the clear coat instead of the labels.
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Go to a craft store and tell them what you are planning.My wife has this brush on liquid that she puts over pictures and photos on glass plates.I don't know the name and my wife is not here. It goes on a milky colour then dries clear.They might even have it in spray cans.Then you can put the clear coat on.I would do a test first.