Well, this seems like a hilariously cliched thing to say, but I figure most of the people that post in this forum are college music students/professionals. I figure most of you guys can relate.

Do you think there any greater feeling than learning a new scale and then improvising on it over a backing track, or transcribing a great solo, or (best of all) going out to a jam session and performing your favorite tune?

It sounds stupid, but I really don't think anything can top the feeling of playing music, be it the best drugs, the most fun video games, good movies, or anything else.
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as long as it sounds good no ecept for hearing something you recorded or listening to a trck that just blows you away
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agreed. i have sat in my room and played 11 hours straight some days (i know, it sounds like i have no life). what makes it even better, is when i see my friends' jaws drop when they hear me play insane solos and songs (Master of Puppets got the best reaction). however, it is the main reason why my grades slipped xD

that is the only thing that could ever top it
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Drinking water when you're REALLY thirsty. However, playing onstage is a very special and unique experience to me.
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All of the arts feel really nice but performing, writing, and conducting music tops it for me. Going to a solid show is really great as well.
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Vastly superior to sex.

The only thing better is propping the quill and ink up on the girl's back mid-coitus and allowing your thrusts to manufacture the quavers.
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sports. I didn't play music as younger man (Im 38) I played sports.

I know the feeling your talking about musically. That's why I started playing guitar. Its everything I hoped for. The mental freedom, the creativity, the meshing with other musical types... its great. Is it better than sports? Tough one... its just different.

I mean I've only played amateur sports (baseball and full contact football) but I've had some pretty amazing experiences. I pitch (baseball) and that sport is so intense because while its a team sport everything you do your ALONE. You all alone in the batters box, your all alone on the pitchers mound. Just you, your skills, your cojones, your heart and a little luck are all you have to beat the other guy. That and the pressure of either coming up big for the team or failing the team.

This has been such a part of my life for so long the reason I started playing guitar was once Im done with sports I knew the hole I had to fill was going to be big. I cant really call one a sub for the other, as they are just so different but there are some great similarities. The focus it takes to perform well. The challenge. The growth in skills. The comradery with other players. The ability to contribute to a team and even make others (even if they have superior skills) better. All these things make playing great.

Playing guitar has pretty much been the 2nd best thing I have ever learned to do (jerking off an obvious #1).

Sex? Maybe I've been lucky enough to have so much its just not that amazing (maybe that makes me unlucky). Sex is more like need or an itch. I've also done some things there that I will never top, nor do I have any desire to. Also sex doesn't get better like playing guitar does. I mean the best sex ever? Losing my virginity. I had no idea something could feel so good. In fact, I wasn't able to finish that exact same thought before I busted my nut, but DAMN did I have fun. There's probably only been one nut that compares to the first so sex doesn't measure up. Of course.. I wouldn't want to have to choose!

My favorite part of playing guitar has been my new appreciation and ear for music. I simply HEAR stuff I never did before. Its been like an awakening. All music sounds different and most sounds better. At worst I can often just listen and appreciate what the artist is trying to accomplish (or not appreciate it). Either way its changed my listening forever and for the better.

The downside is I smoke way too much weed. Its just too easy to get stoned and practice and let the evils of world slip away while I just jam away... will have to work on that.
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Try playing and composing new music while your STONED! Its just as good but better! XD
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Try playing and composing new music while your STONED! Its just as good but better! XD

Nah. I prefer the Zappa approach: never write anything under the influence. That way, anything I write is mine and mine alone; it doesn't belong to the drugs. Besides, if I write something super-awesome, and I know I wrote it all by myself, and I could do it again without... uh, "inspiration", that is where the best feelings come from.
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Vastly superior to sex.

The only thing better is propping the quill and ink up on the girl's back mid-coitus and allowing your thrusts to manufacture the quavers.

this sounds like it would produce quite a unique piece
Rock climbing, absolutely different sensation... but as good as playing I guess