Hello everyone,
Here's what I call a WEIRD song.


Not your typical metal meal. I had in mind to do a metal song without using guitars and it turned out to be some crazy experimental stuff.

There was a drum, initially, but I didn't have the software to do it, and I had little more than 2 hours on Reason (which I never worked on before) to do this, so it's kinda bad.

If any of you want to give it a try, I've still got all the original MIDI parts so you [are better than me] could re-mix that stuff and incorporate the drum, so the song is FINALLY complete!

Heya! Cya.
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Its some pretty crazy shit.

this isn't too bad of a mix
Reason, my friend's one. So I don't know anything about the software and had really little time to work on it. :/
Sounds like a crazy boss battle.

I like it! Reason is pretty powerful once you get your head around it, tho I'm more of a FL Studio guy. It's easier to program drums in FL studio than Reason from my experience, and there is a way you can take the loops from FL and import them into Reason.

Crit some of my latest work?

Also 2:16 is beautiful
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