Hey there guys. Been playing electric guitar for just over 3 years. Can play most rhythm except for ultra-fast Poison was the cure by Megadeth(although I have it almost down pat). When it comes to solos I can play alot of Slash's solos(FTP, both Estranged solos, first 2 November Rain solos), some of Kirk Hammet's solos etc. Whenever I attempt faster/hard solos like SCOM, MOP fast solo or alot of Marty Friedman's solos I fail during the faster sections. Are there any solos that will be helpful as a stepping stone to those killer solos I want to perfect? Any tips in general? Thanks heaps!!

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I actully think metallica solos are a good way to start off, but maybe from The Black Album instead.

Just cause a solo has faster parts don't mean it's too hard for you, you'll just have to get em right.

Pick a solo, break it down into sections and then practice those sections.

Make sure you are practicing everything PERFECTLY. That's how you will be able to nail those faster parts.

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