Hey guys, Im 13 years old and am really into acoustic guitar. I already have a steel string guitar and would like another. I play a lot of Jack Johnson music and a lot of picking. Out of the Martin DX1AE or the Taylor 114ce which one do you think would suit me best?

The Martin. Or something much cheaper.

Goddamn 800$ guitar is even an option and you're 13 :,(
Doesn't matter which company. Go for the the type of wood that suits your tastes in the long run. A cedar will sound bright now but will duller/bassier over time. A spruce sounds dull right now but gets warmer over time while retaining the bass resonance as well.
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Weaponized do you have any suggestions?

Nope, I have no acoustic guitars. But there are tons of dudes here who do so just wait for them.
I've had a Martin DX1R for 5 years now and it's fantastic (I guess the AE is just a newer version of that?). I've gotten many comments about how great it sounds. Then again it has a very bassy sound that some people like more than others, so I'd really say it's a matter of personal preference.
in my honest opinion, if you're asking which of those two guitars, then you aren't necessarily ready for them. they sound pretty different from each other. if you dont at least know what type of sound you're looking for, maybe you should get something cheaper until your ear develops enough to know what you like.
I have an Art & Lutherie Spruce Top acoustic. It's a solid top and you get it for around $300. Can't beat the price and the sound. From Canadian forests, made by good luthiers. The luthier I go to locally is friends with the Godin people and they're all excellent guitar makers.

Check em out. They're beautiful guitars:

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Go to the Acoustic Guitar forum. Dont come to the pit, its bad for your mental health.
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