Hey, I started the prep work for getting my guitar ready for a new finish. I stripped it down to barewood, I put all the pickups and knobs back in... However I have left overs and Im reeeallly confused. I must have messed up somewhere. I have 11 little screws, which appears to be one extra than I need, I have 6 screws that are kinda long, (they screw in the backplate) I got 3 conical springs, I have no idea where they go and two long springs. I also dont have my humbucker screwed into the pickguard (but my two pickups are)

I should know where they all go, but after asking my dad for tools he took it upon himself to undo everything in a matter of seconds (like fkin lightning) and threw everything In a cup.

I also put the knobs together perfectly, and I have 3 washers, and a 6 sided washer (for lack of technical term)

Sorry to be a noob guys, Could someone walk me through this?
Pics included
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Don't let other people **** with your shit. The conical springs go to the single coils, there should be four. The two long ones go to the humbucker. They go between the rings and the base plate. I'm kinda confused as to what you're missing and what you're saying you've got.

yea, noted on that first part. I found the 4th missing conical spring. and attempting to put the single coiled pickups on atm. And, I got 3 washers leftover, but I dont see anywhere they could go. and a hexagon like washer. problem is, if the 6 long screws are for the backplate, then which screws do I use to put the humbucker in. Givin me such a headache.
"A guitar is your personality expressed through six strings"

"I'm cuddly bitch, deal with it"