Hey! So i´m looking to start doing quality guitar recordings, and after thinking about it i figured my best choice would be to get a line 6 pod since it includes amp models, effects AND an interface. i´ve heard what some people get out of it on youtube and i really like the sound.

my budget is $300. Now i´m considering the XT live pod, because i´ve really liked the recordings that i´ve heard of it, but it´s, if im not mistaken the most expensive on and it´s discontinued. i´ve listened to Pod 2.0 and pod pocket recordings too and they´re good, too, but they´re way cheaper.

Could someone tell me the main differences between them? and is the XT live worth the money? Or would i be better with one of the other, cheaper options? Any inputs on any PODs?

i would much appreciate it! cheers
The HD series is an amazing step up from the Pod XT's. Get whichever HD model fits in your budget and you'll be extremely pleased with it. The HD series models an; ENGL Fireball, Bogner Uberschall, Dual Rec, 5150 and I think I heard somewhere a Diezel. I'm sure on all of those aside from the Diezel.
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I personally wouldn't really buy a POD for any reason other than like playing live and going direct into a P.A. system if it were in a place where I couldn't bring in an amp.

They can get fair tones, but for a much cheaper price you could get an interface that would not only give you more possibilities with recording, but you could get sounds even better than that of the POD XT as well as having much more flexibility because you can change your sound at any time rather than having to re-record it.
(Though I believe the higher end pods have fancier mic preamps and stuff and can sound better but eh.)

You could look into the Line 6 interfaces like the GX, UX1, and UX2 if you'd like the library of tones and effects.
Those interfaces come with a program called Pod Farm that's even used by professionals and can sound great if you know how to get it to.

I have access to a POD 2.0. The newer ones probably sound better but oh well.
I used it for some minimal recording several years ago.. and while it got decent sounds.. they just weren't superb. It wasn't something I would have wanted on an album, you know?

So this is what I would say.

If you are mainly interested in recording and want a library of effects and tones like the PODs have then get a Line 6 interface as it comes with Pod Farm.

If you are mainly interested in recording and wouldn't mind building your own library by using the different VSTs out there (which some people like even more including myself) then I'd recommend something like the Focusrite Saffire 6.

Of course, with a Line 6 interface you can do both of these though.. but I've heard people say that the UX2 doesn't have that great of mic preamps so if that's the case then it'd be better getting something else if you wish to do anything but go direct.
Otherwise the GX would be all you really need.
But sometimes just having the option for recording with mics would be nice that way you don't have to upgrade and let the first interface go to waste. D:<

If you are mainly interested in playing live but like the option of recording as well then a POD is a good idea.

Best of luck! <3

I'll be in hiding if you have any questions.