Check this out. My new VOX AC30VR arrived today and it sounds AMAZING! Warm cleans and anything from light overdrive to a crunch. Absolutely astonishing, highly recommend for stuff like blues.

Also, my new Fender American Standard Stratocaster (white with maple neck) arrived, but the guys at fender sent me a CRACKED one. I was extremely pissed off as I was going to have an epic jam session with myself. I've sent it back and get a replacement within a week.

In the picture is my Squier Strat. I can't wait till my Fender arrives.

*I was standing on top of a bed to take this picture, the amplifier is quite big, and super heavy! I also tried using my SD-1 with it but running it straight through sounded better IMO.
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Nice despite criticism, the VR series is actually decent
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I've been playing my AC15VR for about a year now - love it.
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Sure is a Hybrid.

Sounds just like a classic tube amp. I love how you can get heaps of clean headroom, but if you want some breakup on the clean channel, you just turn up the volume for that channel, then crank up the master volume to boost the sound really loud!

I would've payed a lot more for this amp!
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Na, I think its got a tube somwehere......wasnt it an EL34 or something feeding an SS poweramp or something?

The VT has a valve chucked in too.

A 12ax7, think its before the poweramp.