Never Gonna Give You Up.


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I think it's called Never Gonna Give You Up.

no its a pro guitar shop demo vid.
It reminded me of Wild Side by Motley Crue.
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

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It sounds like just some riff he jammed out on the spot to demo the pedal.

It sounds a little like the beginning of "Stormy May Day." But that's pretty much a given when you're just messing around with those G and Bb chord voicings.
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"Man on the Silver Mountain" by Rainbow

Edit: I'm on my phone and the YouTube link didn't go to the right spot. The Rainbow song is the very first thing Andy plays in the video. The riff at 3:03 is a kind of messed up version of Wild Side.

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It reminded me of Wild Side by Motley Crue.

This, it sounds like a bastardized "Wild Side"
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