When I get back with my band, we plan to get going with recording our songs. Im going to buy Pro Tools. Im looking for a good thick sound with the guitars, like Sylosis, Trivium, Metallica (actually with the sound in general,) but I figure I should know what I'm doing right now so there's less time wasted noodling around with a lot of trial and error.

Problem is, most of the time, when I look at the things involving mixing, mastering and recording it looks so intimidating and I zone out. Anyone have any suggestions for terms, techniques and just general things involving recording I should look up so I can learn? Also, whats the most ideal Pro Tools to buy?
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If you're just wanting to record your band, you'd be better off spending what money you would on learning materials, equipment, etc on studio time rather than trying to do it yourself.

If you still want to go ahead and do things yourself, you've really got no choice but to get through all the reading material as well as practice as much as possible. Just like playing an instrument, audio engineering is an art that requires hours and hours of work to maintain and improve chops. It's not what you want to hear, but no matter how much you read or how ready you think you are, the things you record are going to sound pretty crap for a while.