I'm working on a project guitar, It's a squier strat and i was wondering if it's possible to put in a floyd on it without any routing work done. I DONT want it to pull up,(pain in the ass to change strings etc., already have to deal with that on another guitar.) So, my question is, could i just buy a floyd rose and replace my string through bridge with it and let it sit on top of the body? Or would it mess with the string height?

tldr; can i put floyd in guitar and use it as a normal bridge instead of floating trem.


To get the proper height you would probably still have to do some routing or adding material. Not to mention you would have to use a speed loader so you really would not gain anything from it except useless costly hardware. Just replace the saddles on your current bridge and if its a vintage style trem block it off. Its much cheaper and you have more to gain from doing so. Also remember that intonation is much more of a pain with a floyd than it is with a regular guitar cause you have to completely detune the string then play the guessing game of how much to move the string block.
im not sure if im misunderstanding you, but its just a fixed bridge in there as it is now, i dont want the floyd to float, im merely wondering if there would be problems if i just flat-mounted it in my guitar as my new bridge. (i like the floyd trems alot better, plus locking tuners, and i might get a D-Tuna as well.)
Yeah you would still have to either add or remove material to get the string height right. And later on down the road if you change string guages you may need to raise or lower the action and you will not be able too. One way or another you are going to have to do a lot of work that will not benefit you in anyway. Your best option is to just change the string saddles on your bridge to graphtechs and add some locking tuners to it, that should give you plenty of tuning stability. And about the D-Tuna without the floyd it takes all of about 10 seconds to go to Drop D.

You could do it by removing the string block and just using those 3 holes in the base plate to attach it to the guitars body, you will have to remeasure for proper positioning though otherwise your intonation is going to be all sorts of screwed up. Also if your necks radius is not flat enough you will have high action on the 1-2 and 5-6 strings and probably a lot of fret buzz on the 3-4 strings.
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never thought about the string gauge problem... hmm, ya that's gonna put a damper on things. Alright, looks like i will be searching out locking tuners then!! thx for the insight.
No problem, just wanted to make sure you knew what you would be getting into before you actually tried. Its all ways defeating to try out something that seems cool like this to find out that it was a bad idea in the long run.