I am putting together a custom guitar that currently has no pickups. the guitar body has 2 double coil pickup holes routed into it. and 2 volume 2 tone knobs. I would like to achieve a different sound with this guitar. I already have an ibanez s series with (S,S,D pickup configuration), an american series fender strat ( S,S,S configuration), and a gothic les paul (D,D configuration). I am looking for your suggestions on a double coil, double coil pickup configuration. does anybody have any pickup combo's they have tried, or heard in action?id like to achieve something completly different than the guitars i currently have.

Thanks guys,
Im just gonna throw some stuff out, hope anything seems interesting.
S = single coil
H = humbucker
X = no pickup



Personally, I think that the H/S/H or a H/S/S is the way to go.

NOTE: There are humbuckers that are in single coil size too... Like the DiMarzio Super Distortion, and the like.
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when i was asking for suggestions i was refering to what brand/model of pickups. the guitar is getting 2 double coils as the body is already routed for them. im just not sure if i should use emg's, dimarzio etc...
You really have to let us know what you mean by different since those single coils and humbuckers could all produce very different sounds in those guitars you mentioned. Also be sure to mention what wood the body is made of.

My favourite tone of all time is a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge of a mahogany body... mmmmm perfect.
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Well, there is a pickup thread that you will inevitably be re-directed to and this thread will be locked. But I vote for P90 style retro fit single coils.

yep the duncan phat cats would be very cool and different to all your other guitars
To answer your questions.
1. The body is made out of maple

2. Im not looking to create a specific type of sound out of this guitar. Im open to trying different combinations of pickups. Maybe some odd combinations you wouldnt normally put together.

3. What i mean by i want it to sound different. Is i dont want to spend time and money puttng pickups in this these ng to have it end up sounding like my les paul or my strat. Id like it to have its own sound ya know?

I looked at for the pickup thread in the forums does anybody have a link to it?