ok, so a few people have suggested to me that i should multitrack my guitars. What i want to know is how to multitrack. Im confused as to whether I should just copy and paste my guitar track, then pan left and right, or if i should record left and right tracks individually.

here's an example of a song which people suggested me to multitrack:


btw, its all DI recorded with a drum machine

thanks for the help UG.
No. Copying and pasting will just mean the guitar will the same on both side and therefore just be in the middle and louder.

Double tracking parts (playing the exact same thing) panning right left and right results in a copy of the signal. So why can't you just copy it. Because while it will be similar it won't exactly the same and therefore the sound will be far richer harmonically.

You could if your lazy copy and paste and then move them a little out of sync but I find this can make things either just phasey (I don't if that's an actual word) or blurred.

You could also just change you amp presets but what I would do and this sounds awesome is make a duplicate of the signal and change you amp software (hard left hard right) then double track it do exactly the same but pan it vice versa then you get two guitars track with two separate clones panned upon of each other.

Track 1 (left)
Track 1 copy amp changed (right)
Track 2 (right)
Track 2 copy amp changed (left)

Shit... I just let the cat out of the bag
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As an extra point, I find it often makes a good effect if you record the two tracks with different guitars (or if that's not an option, different pickups on the same guitar) to add an extra bit of difference between the two tracks.
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