I get it sometimes...it sucks!!Theres really nothing u can do, i either go on my msn/facebook chat or just do some work (if there is any to get done)
I'm not saying not to trust the internet, but there's an alarming discrepancy between the number of iPads I've won & the number of iPads I own.
I bought hops from a brewing shop, and a huge bag of lavender potpourri, and put them both in my pillow. They're sedatives apparently. They do seem to have helped, although I probably smell of alcohol and old ladies.
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beer doesnt even do it for me. i just drink all night lol. and play my guitar. sucks. but thats okay.
1. Develop Tyler Durden in yourself.
2.Start fighting randomly and ultimately create the Fight Club.
4. PROFIT or... maybe... not

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as this was an obvious reference. i would like to say, there is a difference between a french woman yelling shit, and a woman yelling french shit, for some reason i picture that getting sigged xD lol
It may sound like and old wive's tale, but hot milk (it's the calcium) or hot cocoa (not chocolate (too much caffiene) really does help relax the brain. And swallow two benadryl at the same time.
I've always had massive difficulty sleeping, though I'd be hesitant to put it just down to insomnia.
I just read for an hour or so, leave a low light on somewhere and listen to music while doing nothing. Usually helps.
have you tried theta binaural beats ?
it worked for me (usually 15 min to fall asleep)
you can find them on youtube

edit: it must be played via head/earphones
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no ive never tried them. im gonna have to look into it. i literally cant sleep for days. even when i try.
no way. they will just put me on some retarded pill that'll turn me into a zombie. id rather find an all natural solution.
Ever tried smoking some bud? Just have a small choof before bed and you'll sleep just fine.
That's how I am. I stay up all night but then when I have to wake up, I can barely open my eyes. If I came to work late even once, I'd lose my job.
1)Lay down.
2)Get all comfy.
3)Concentrate ONLY on breathing as slow as you can possibly force yourself to. Think "Innnnnnnnn......." and "Oooooouuuuuuttttttttt......" and that's it. If you find yourself thinking about other things, drop it mid-thought, and start over with the breathing.

You will be asleep before you know it.
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Pretty sure Jesus was decaffeinated.

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Triptophan can help you sleep better, apparently. It's found in turkey and milk, so you could drink a glass of milk or eat a turkey sandwich before hitting the hay.