I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on an entire song only with bass.

Something complex, for bass, that will take a lot of time learning, but will sound really cool in the end?

Thanks a lot !!
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It's not just bass by itself but Squarepusher is always good to check out.

Also there's some James Jamerson isolated bass tracks floating around the net. They are great.
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Jeff Berlin - Tears In Heaven
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Well, if you want to be a show-off, you could always learn Billy Sheehan's bass solo from Mr Big's reunion concert in budokan:


When it comes to a song:


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Thanks a lot for the quick answers ! cool songs

By the way, are there any nice bass songs played with a pick ?
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By the way, are there any nice bass songs played with a pick ?

Maybe something by Tool. I'm not much onto them, and most of their basslines use many effects. Schism is a good one, though IIRC a part of it requires a delay, distortion and whammy pedals.
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Quote by martinbass
Thanks a lot for the quick answers ! cool songs

By the way, are there any nice bass songs played with a pick ?

Check out Heart of the Sunrise by Yes, there's a beautiful bass line that starts around the 4:05 mark. If you need something easier try Roundabout or Long Distance Runaround.
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Mmmm something pretty awesome, check out a couple of obscura songs, the bassist comes in with quite the nasty stuff in some of them, havent heard them in a while so right now forgot the name of this song i wanted to tell u about but still check them out
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Scoop by Marcus Miller tends to impress.
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Lounge Act - Nirvana
The entire song has a good bass line. Kirst Novoselic is a very underrated player.
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either that or Leave That Thing Alone although YYZ is a looooooott more technical and sounds better lol
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Lot's of old metallica crap has good bass lines that you could just turn into a solo, like if your band had an interval you could just do a Jason Newsted and keep the crowd entertained doing my friend of misery or something.
But complicated stuff.. look for some Flea solo's that he's done live. that guys ****ing crazy..

also, i find it fun to play tetris on stage.. everyone's always like "huh i know that soonngggg"
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