The intro seems to be in E phrygian as the open E is used as a pedal tone and the riff is E5 to F5. There is a change a 31 seconds though where it changes to a B5 but i think the key is still E, the melody does not change over the top. The part at 46 seconds sounds like it changes to B but it could still be in E.

The verse goes B5 F#5 A5 B5 F# D5. I hear it as a i-V-Vii -i-V-iii progression instead of a progression in E minor. When it goes to E5 in the chorus i don't hear a cadence

The solos seem to all be in E phrygian but again im not too sure.

And the mid section seems to be in E minor.

I'm not too sure about any of this though. Especially the verse key.
Verse would be B minor
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