Hey guys, I haven't gotten as much time as I'd like to write music lately (what with college and all), but I just finished writing an instrumental rock song. Sorry if the mixing's a little off, all I've got to work with here are some small speakers and some headphones. C4C as always.

Hey, great sound you're getting! Reminds me of Satch's tone, and the groove of the drums kind of make it feel like hair metal at times, and sometimes like Jeff Beck. The only thing I would say is that the gain is a little much on the solo and some of the faster stuff got a little muddy sometimes, but overall it was great playing.

c4c: http://soundcloud.com/hartery-sean/breezy (a little different than this :P)
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Thanks for the crits, and sorry it's taken so long for me to reply; I've been busy. The lack of bass is partly due to the system I'm mixing on, and partly because I want to hide the fact that I'm not a bassist by any measure The drums are MIDI, but I'm not quite sure what your comment means... I'm returning both your crits now though.

iron_maiden93, I didn't see a thread for yours so I'll just post it here. It seemed like more of an ambient piece, and as that, it's quite nice. I do think going into the second half the instruments may be fighting each other for a place in the mix, and it sounds a little confusing at first. Still, though, very relaxing to listen to and well done.

Any other crits? I'll make sure to get back sooner this time.
Nice groove mate, love the lead guitar tone in the breakdown, drums do sound weakish but thats midi, not your fault, your playing's is pretty good, maybe work on your vibrato a tiny bit, but its solid stuff, outro riff is very kool

heres mine, thanks

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I wasn't immediately impressed with the sound of the guitar at the beginning, it sounded almost like a live performance rather than a recording. I got over it pretty quickly Definitely sounds like Satch though, that's for sure. I love the lead sound as well, and your playing is really great.

I thought the drums suited the song nicely, although they could certainly use a better sound.

Overall this was a really solid track (and I hear you with the small speakers and headphones hahaha)

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