I was just thinking whether this is possible coz if so, it would be DAMN cool!
I HATE my tone pot and I just find it takes up too much space on my "guitar surface" and since I can't remove it (too much work, I'd have to fill in the space with.....something and even if I did, my guitar would just end up looking......naked xD) I might as well put it to use, eh?

Really the only reason I wanna do this is coz I LOVE the way Mick Schenker uses the "cocked wah" effect essentially as an EQ. Plus the kind of...um...I dunno....dynamic range, should I say you get when you turn a wah pedal? Its pretty amazing

So, the basic complications here being:

1. I don't know shit about what I'm doing
2. I dunno how to "fit" the whole wah pedal cicuitry into the guitar and moreover how I'm gonna cover it once it finally is done (if it is done at all, that is)
3. I don't have a wah pedal to start with
4. Also, won't it need an on/off switch, how do I do THAT? And how would I go about powering it [passive PUPs and whatnot] and won't the battery [a 9V] just die out within like minutes or something?
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1. I don't know shit about what I'm doing

That's always a good sign
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