Well my girlfriend's birthday is coming up and she wants an acoustic guitar which I'm not so familiar with. I'm more electric but I have one simple epiphone AJ200s that she isn't too in love with. I want to get her something preferably around $200 or under because I want to get other things. No need for any starter kit type stuff. Basically what she wants is an acoustic with a not so boomy bassy sound like mine. More of a thinner sound I guess. Plus just a thinner bodied acoustic. Mine is very thick and she likes the body of most of the acoustic electrics more because they are thinner. Any ideas there? For instance she liked the PR5-e by epiphone but I don't want to spend $300 or more until I know she will really want to keep playing. But I also want something that isn't a cheap $100 guitar or under that will need to be upgraded in a couple months. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
Fender acoustic CD60CE is what I have currently. It's an electric too, beautiful sound and I got it for ~£150 which is... about $190-$200
Honestly. Take her guitar shopping. Guitars are such personal things that you should just let her run around the store playing all the guitars to find which one sounds the best.
It's a musical instrument. It's all about the sound
Good luck on your en devour good sire \m/
I did already take her guitar shopping but she doesn't know what she wants still. She just wants what I described above. She seemed to like the epiphones and ibanez guitars the best if anything. lol
fender t-bucket has a decent sound, thin body, ok electronics...laminate top.. but its accessible for around 199. also , some great ovation celebritys for about that price. ibanez has some good elec acoustics that are thin bodied. got my girlfriend a red ovation celebrity on ebay for 150 bucks. has a built in tuner( that was my reasoning for getting her a elec/acoustic, it'll never get plugged in)
oh...check out marilyn9500 on ebay. she gets a lot of factory returns and sells them on ebay. she is a spectacular person to work with and can get great prices. she currently has a fender dg200sce for 199. its 399 at guitar center. solid spruce top, built in tuner. great price. (shes my ultra secret ovation source...dont tell auriemma)shes got a lot of other low priced deals.