I have a line 6 spider III 150 halfstack. I do not like the tone. I could probly sell it for like 500 bucks. I need to get a different amp that has a nice warm clean sound and also a warm overdriven sound. The line 6 is way to tinny sounding. I use a Schecter hellraiser C1. If anyone could reccomend a nice amp(preferably with tubes) for around 500-700 bucks I would be soooo greatful. I play in my church worship band so I need an amp that can handle delay and other effects well too. I dont care if It has more than one channel I can get different sounds from my pedals thanks
traynor ycv maybe?
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Do you mic your amp at church?

If miced my vote is a Fender Blues Junior used for $300. If you don't mic the amp I'd say a Fender Hot Rod Deville used for $550. Both have great cleans, and take pedals exceptionally well. Also both are constantly available at the prices I mentioned used.

There are other, more specialized options that people will make but these would be my readily available choices. If you have patience your best bet is waiting for an old Fender to come up. A pre-CBS Bassman would be probably as good as it gets for what you describe.

What genres do you play other than 'worship' and what do you play in the worship band? I think I know what you mean by warm clean and warm overdrive, but who knows I could be way off.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Blues Junior all the way.
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Ok guys I have a Blues Junior and love it... But if he's playing to a sanctuary un-miced its not going to work.
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Unless its electronic drums.

I used to like the clean channel on a Peavey Valveking... It's not a very expensive amplifier, but it's actually pretty decent in my opinion. The A/B bias is a pot, so you can get a neat blend. The distortion channel is decent too; somewhat of a mix between the Marshall sound and the 5150, but not quite as distinct.

Try one out - the heads go for $550 if you use a coupon at Guitar Center. Maybe less...

Also, I had to chuckle at the fact that you're using a Hellraiser in Church...
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yeah its mic'd

Yup, Blues Junior. I snagged mine for $300 on Craigslist, which is pretty standard. At that price I dare anyone to name a better amp, there are some equals but nothing better... In my opinion of course.
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Unless its electronic drums.