Hi, I am a new member and I haven't played guitar in years. I just want to be able to play well enough to write my music. The guitar I have is an H.M.Series Strat and it is way too big for me. My hands are much smaller than anyone I have ever met, From the base of my palm to the end of my middle finger is 6", and from the base of my palm to the very end of my pinky is 4.5" The actual length of my pinky is a bit over 1.5"
I need a reasonably priced guitar that I think has a short neck as well as a thin one. I have read the posts of other small handed people, but I think my hands are really much smaller. Is it hopeless? Is this why I always suck?
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I've seen people who have 3 fingers play amazing guitar, i think that with practice you can achieve anything, and develop stretching which shouldn't cause you to need a small fretboard, i like ibanez necks are very comfortable to play with as well as jacksons, just a thought
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