Hey guys, I just wanted to know what you guys think about the Ibanez ART200FM. I know it's SUPER cheap (400 dollars) and that the pickups aren't the best (although I have heard some rave reviews considering they're stock), but for some reason I've wanted it ever since I saw it online.


The unfortunate thing is that I looked around and I only found ONE review for it. I know that lower priced, non-Japan Asian made guitars get a bad rep most of the time, but I've played many Ibanez guitars, expensive to cheap, and they've all played fairly well. Heck, my primary guitar is an Ibanez STM1 (made in Indonesia) and although I've had some issues with the Edge III, everything else is great. I don't want the ART200FM to gig heavily or anything and I'm not expecting anything really great, I just think it looks nice and is worth the price. The lack of reviews and video footage just sort of bother me.

tl;dr Ibanez ART200FM. I want it even though I know it's cheaper and lower scale. I need advice because there's a lack of reviews.

i played a few
saving up for the left handed model of the art series myself

they are great guitars for the price and if you want one and can afford it i recomend them
aespecially if you want a lp shaped guitar
I'd also recommend, at the shop I work at they are always a fast seller. They have great action and sound pretty sweet. And as said above they have that loveable Les Paul body style. Depending on the condition of the guitar I would go for it at $350 or below
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Well guys, I decided to order it. Hopefully I can have it in my hands soon! The only thorough review/features rundown online showed the violin sunburst and I just couldn't resist it. It's a departure from what I usually like, but it looks so dang classy! Maybe I'll make a NGD thread once I get it or something even though most of them are for $1k and above guitars. :P

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