Hi I've not posted much on the forums so apologies if this is the wrong section. I just wanted to ask a bit of advice. I recently bought a guitar from a friend, which was never used, but has been sat unused for nearly a year. It's a definite improvement on the cheap guitar I was using before, but It seems a bit harder to play for some reason, despite being the same size(apart from a slightly bigger body), and also the sound seems far too bassy. could this be something to do with the guitar being new/unused and needing new strings? I know it's wise to change them regularly, but do I need to if it hasn't been used, and is it likely that changing will make it sound better?

I'm still a bit if a beginner, so any advice would be appreciated!!!

Many thanks

changing the strings will help TONS.

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Cool will get some tomorrow and change them. Thanks for the response.
I suppose the bassy sound could probably coming from the dead strings, giving a flat bassy sound, so new strings would defiantly help if that is the case, fresher and brighter. Just on the off chance you're a complete beginner, have you tried adjusting the tone knob on your guitar, or you're amp settings to give a brighter/more treble heavy sound?
Hi, sorry should have mentioned it's an acoustic, rather than electric guitar. My initial guess was dead strings.
Not a complete beginner, been playing for around 8 months, I started and gave up after around 4 months, but thankfully, got the urge to play again and have improved quite quickly. Just still not sure about a lot of the technical stuff!!!