I have a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier amp head. Recently while playing my amp started buzzing uncontrollably and then shut off. It blew the fuse, but when I replaced it and turned it back on I couldn't get any sound out of it. The power works fine, but I can't figure out why I can't get any sound. Any suggestions?
Did you use the same type of fuse, not just the same Amp fuse? Most amps use a Slo-blow fuse.

You may need to take it to a tech to get it sorted out.
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If the fuse doesn't blow instantly(which it sounds like it didn't) it probably fried some little piece on the circut board. I had this happen to my old Peavey Classic 50. I threw in a fuse that blows faster.
If your amp does that, makes a bad noise, blows a fuse, and then quits making sound - then chances are you need to take it to a tech as mentioned. The fuse blew because something is wrong, not because it was faulty itself.
could just be a power tube shorted and blew the fuse with it, or a $2 resistor fried. A tech will be able to tell you for sure. Probably not a major issue.

My mark IV blew the fuse a while back. popped a new one in, replaced the power tubes, good as new. a friend of mine has a tube tester, and one of them was shorted. It happens.

EDIT: Oh yeah, Mesa uses 3 amp slo-blow fuses. A normal 3a fuse could blow from the initial surge when you power the amp on. Radio shack sells them in packs of 3 IIRC.
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