I've had the same guitars and gear for a very long time and am looking to change things up quite a bit. I love my Cyber Twin's power and all the effects but at 160w and no where to turn it up anymore, I lose a lot of the tone that I used to get with it.
I am looking for something smaller, preferably a small stack with some cool mojo, great cleans(90's Alt: Wallflowers, Matchbox20, Semisonic) and an Offspring/Greenday gain. An FX loop would be cool and so would built in reverb(not needed).
I use a 1993 Gibson LP Studio w/ vintage Dimarzio Super Distortions and an Ibanez TubeScreamer Turbo.
I won't have much more than US$1000, if even that.

Let me know what you think!!!
The Tubescreamer head isn't really that great.. I've yet to hear how great the Dark Terror is myself, I've heard it recommended somewhere, but mainly for a harder rock sound than what you're looking for... There's a little older model, called Tiny Terror, which would probably suit you well. However, if you go used you could definitely get something even longer lasting, for example an Orange Rocker 30, if Orange amps are what you really like.
Gear pics

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The Orange Tiny Terror series are standards for this type of amp.
The Tiny Terror is more blues/rock focused and the Dark Terror is more hard rock/metal focused.

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