Hey all you cool cats,

Here is a demo clip of my first solo song, "Ancient Astronaut Theorists". http://soundcloud.com/shildebrandt/aat-demo The rhythm guitars were all done in a single take each, the solos were all improv, and there isn't any bass yet, but check it out!

This is the first thing I've ever produced myself, so I would love any feedback, especially in terms of the mixing. And I'd be more than happy to exchange in some C4C, so just give me a link.


That guy on Ancient Aliens is so much lulz.

Really dig the intro, sets it up for something epic. I feel like the distorted guitars come in a little too abruptly, I'd try fading in the distorted part to mimic the clean part, then have a cymbal fade in and start it how you have it now. It'd give it a more epic feel and really bring it to life. I also think you should try some more ambient parts over the entire thing, to keep with the more eerie feel.

Overall, pretty cool, though. Definitely one of the best I've heard on here in a long time
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Thank you so mucg for the feedback! The clip is only about a third of the song, and there will be much more clean/ambient parts. I just haven't gotten to programming them yet.
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for improv solos and single take rhythm guitars, that sounds really good
love the whole structure and composition element of the song, and im looking forward to hearing the whole thing once its done
i suggest you improv several solos, take the best bits from each and structure a "super" solo, learn it and record it perfectly over the track. that way you can get people to hear an actual polished version of your musical genius and not just mindless scale noodling. This tends to be the solo approach i take
anyways, good job overall.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=28350579#post28350579
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Although I cannot hear bass that much (if at all?), good track though!

Yep, that is because I didn't record any bass yet! A friend I know has a 5 string fretless, so I'm going to give that a shot.
awesome nice track
GUItars:well done recording!!
keep them coming
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Haha, it's instrumental on purpose!
Awesome man! Intro is really cool, and so are the riffs. I just think the crash is a bit to loud and it sounds like it's oversteering quite a bit.
I got a bit of a Meshuggah feel from the solo too.
Nice job