I dont know much about tubes but my amp uses RCA 8417 tubes rated at 50watts each and heres two of them. To buy these its like 100 bucks at least so I was wondering if theres a cheaper alternative to these same tubes that will work so that I can replace them easier. Its an old amp from like 1974 but the tone is great. Thanks
what amp and what type of tubes are they(6L6, EL84 and so on)
EDIT: when was the last time the tubes were replaced and are they pre- or power amp tubes
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Possibly 6550 or KT88? I don't know if the pinout is the same, but I think the performance is pretty similar.
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Those are pretty rare I think and probably only available from a collecter at a premium. A 6550 may be a valid replacement for your amp but you would need to check first. What amp is this? You may need to mod your amp to get a different screen grid resistor in there.