Original Floyd Rose won't stay in tune.

First, before anyone says this, I own 2 guitars with original Floyd's and one with a LFR.
The tremelo was set up by Schecter then sent out to Guitar Center. Which was re-set up due to me living on the otherside of the country. (Climate, Elevation, and Temperature changes) I recently purchased a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR and it comes "stock" with an OFR. Now here's the problem... Whenever I dive down the strings go 1/4 step flat... then when I raise it up... The strings go extremely sharp. Then I can re-tune with the Floyd. Now, that may seem awesome, but Floyds are made to stay in tune when you do that. I can understand a LFR going out of tune because of the cheaper parts it is made with. If anyone knows what's wrong please tell me.
You made sure you locked the nuts at the top? Also try re-setting up the guitar also.
the one on your schecter is probably the korean-made OFR, the FRT-x000. In my experience it's not quite as good as the schaller OFR, though at the same time it shouldn't be going out of tune like that either. The one I had wasn't quite as pleasant to use as a Schaller OFR, but it still stayed in tune well.

Just go over the setup with a fine-tooth comb in case you (or whoever set it up at the factory/store) missed something?
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humm seems like i had the same thing going to me ,stop look at what you said when you said you dive it gose out of tune what dose that tell you , it tells me that your springs are week and they are not pulling back need to be replaced , that maid a great fix for my jackson pro.

let me know if that help
They are brand new lol. They gave me a 4th spring. I use 11-48 strings for E tuning. Idk if adding a 4th spring would be good for the guitar. On my Synyster Custom I have 4 small springs and that's tuned to Drop D. I have 3 Springs on My Schecter C-1 LFR tuned to Eb. I have 3 Springs on my Schecter C-1 Hellraiser #2 tuned to D standard. Idk. I'm resetting the trem right now.
Adding a spring won't make a difference. I generally like to have as few springs as possible.

It could be a few things. You could be using bogus strings. I've had bad luck with Ernie Balls, so I use D'Addarios.

You might need to lubricate the knife edge. Some people use chapstick, I don't think it lasts long enough, so I use oil. I take a q-tip and dip in motor oil and apply a small amount to the knife edge.

Also, it's possible someone adjusted bridge height up or down with the string tension not relieved and flattened the knife edge. This is actual a simple fix, you just need a small file, like a nail file, and file it sharp again. You may need a round file though for the round knife edge.