Ok I've asked about various power supplys/wallworts to power my effects pedals with results being less then desirable. So here is my fully regulated Tenma DC power supply which can supply anything from 1 to 15 volts dc at a max of 30 amps. I set it to 9 volts and tested the output with a meter and it read 9 volts matching the Tenma output meter. Is this going to be safe to power my effects pedals. Can't upload a pic so heres a link to 1 I found on ebay thats already sold.
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Yeah... but why would you want to use that?

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Don't use that. It's ridiculous. You'll only need 1-2A if you have a huge pedalboard. Get a regulated DC power supply walwart. Mount a power strip on your pedalboard and neatly wire the DC power supply bricks with cable ties. Keep the AC voltage cable away from your signal cables. DC voltage doesn't travel too far without significant losses, so keep the output power cables under 6 feet long or so.
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Yeah... but why would you want to use that?

I have 5 or 6 pedals no batteries no money for batteries or anything else right now and pretty shure this will power all my pedals and then some,but is it safe to use.
That thing could power every pedal in Guitar center... at the same time...

give this a shot...

Might be more practical, and a whole lot less expensive...


I power my whole board with it.. had to get an extension cable for around $7.00 that has room for about 7 or 8 more pedals... Mine's noiseless and more than does the job...

but if you have to spend a lot of money, and you're giggin' every week, Here's another one on the high end

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that's not made for daisy chaining.

if you try to power more then 2 pedals it'll hum like crazy and possibly blow up.
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So its not misunderstood I already own the Tenma DC power supply. Why would it hum ? Why can't I daisy chain it yet a 1-Spot can be daisy chained and its just a wallwort. If I can't daisychain it can I run a power cord for each pedal directly to it? I seriously don't think a few effects pedals will cause it to blow seeing as its rated up to 30 amps output.
the 1 spot is a switchmode regulated power supply with load regulation.

that tenma is a linear power supply with 2 adjustable outputs.

It would be the same as trying to use 1 really big battery to power 5 pedals.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
According to what I have read about the Tenma it can power as many accessories at the same time as long as you don't exceed 30 amps. It has 1 output (banana jack) for up to 30 amps and 2 spring clip outputs not to exceed 5 amps max each and 1 cigerette lighter output not to exceed 10 amps max. The total combined cannot exceed 30 amps max. I still do not understand your explanation of why it won't work though. Theres is a pedal board that uses a "Big Battery" as its power source thats sold and is rather expensive. I realy am trying to understand
I don't care if it's overkill, that ****ing awesome
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According to what I have read about the Tenma it can power as many accessories at the same time as long as you don't exceed 30 amps.

I've got one adapter that is running 200 milliamps running 9 pedals...

Yea.. it's over kill... and it'll be noisy... but hey.. it's your rig...
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