This is pretty cool. Angsty, but cool It would sound a lot cooler with a decent quality recording though. Audacity isn't the greatest recording program in the world. I've heard good things about Reaper, but I definately recomend you look at a better way to record your demos.

The song itself was alright though. The vocals weren't too bad. Not great, but not bad either. I wasn't really a fan of the lyrics, though. They seemed a little cliche. I think there's definately lots of potential here though

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There were moments of awesomeness in this.

I think your transition between intro and verse was dodge at best.

It sound like your timing for vocal vs guitar is out. This could latency when tracking. Tightening this up would improve the song about a million percent.

Lyrical good moments, some the phasing could be improved but definite potential.