I came into possession of an old electric guitar a while back (and unfortunately don't remember the make or model). It seemed like it may have been someones Frankenstein at one point as the neck was way to large for the body and it was missing some of the electronics. I ended up just stripping it for usable parts and what I was most interested in was a cool looking mirror finish steel pick guard with matching pickup. My plan is to build a body for it from scratch but I have never seen a single coil pickup with 3 wires. After some research I found some research saying it could possibly be for a coil tap (though I doubt that in this case as there are only 2 circular holes in the pick guard for volume and tone pots) or as an additional ground or bonding conductor. I'm thinking the latter makes a lot of sense, given the metal casing and pick guard, but if anyone out there has been in my situation and knows something I don't, I would appreciate some help.