Hey everyone
So recently, I decided to take a little break from guitar to take up drums. I've been playin around for a couple weeks and have gotten myself to I'd say an intermediate-beginner. I can keep a beat and do a few fancy things basically. (I also have a pretty deep understanding of rhythmic theory from playing guitar for 5 years) So my question is, what should I practice? Get a book, online lessons, real lessons, learn songs, what? Just hoping to get a bit of advice from some people who know what they're talkin about.
Thanks all!
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Before asking what you should practice, you should ask yourself this-- what do you want to get better at?

I'm seriously considering an 'Inb4 Steve08 gives great advice' thing

But yeah, pretty much what Steve says is spot on, you can learn a lot of things, but it's what you want to get better at and what you're aiming to achieve that should be the starting point.
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