My friend's dad has a guitar that just plays phenomenally. I was completely blown away by how nice the thing played, but its not the nicest or most expensive. I asked him what it was, and apparently he had a Yamaha FG 110 and modified it, years ago.

He said he changed the headstock and shaved the neck down, which must be what makes it so nice to play. I've noticed a few of these guitars around ebay for cheap, I was thinking about getting one. I like that they are a small guitar, and if the neck is that much different than the one I played, I may consider modifying it as well. How big of a job is this? Is it something that can be done by ones self?

If this is a difficult thing to do, are there any other small, nice playing, cheap guitars out on the market that have a good reputation? I'm not very experienced when it comes to acoustic guitars. Any advice is helpful.