I know, it's hip hop, but for those of you that have heard that song, please help me out. I'm trying to figure out the style/genre of the piano sample on that beat. Thinking it's jazz?
It's pretty R&B
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It's thugnificent
I smoke like Rasta, got hair like pasta
I be sippin' on them shots then bustin' rhymes like Busta

Load up the bong, crank up the song, let the informa call 911
It's sampled from Bruce Hornsby's "The Way It Is".

That song is constantly on the radio, are you actually unfamiliar with it? (Bruce's song, that is)

E-40 also released a song in a very similar vein several months before this appeared on 2Pac's first posthumous release.
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Well, basically I'm trying to figure out what kind of style so I can learn how to play like that on keyboard or guitar. Crimson Ghost pointed it out it's RnB, so I guess I'll look into that.