Hello all,

I've experimented with recording and producing in the past (with like, garageband.. ) but now I have a pretty good set of software/hardware.

What I've Got:
- Logic Studio 9 (mac)
- Lexicon Lambda Soundboard (for teh guitar inputz)
- Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 (for teh soundz)
- Gibson SG w/ 57' speshulz (for teh r4wkx)
- Guitar Pro 6 (for exporting bass and drums as midi and writing)

Anyways, l33tspeak and Sublime references aside, I feel like I've got everything I need to make some decent demos. Some questions though.

1. A lot of shit I've written uses harmonized guitar riffs. Should I mix both guitar tracks in the center, or should I pan one to each side during harmonized parts?

2. Is there an easy way to do poly meters and frequent time signature changes in Logic? It seems really clunky right now.. can't really figure out how to manipulate time signatures in Logic.

3. Can you download extra pedals into Guitar Rig 4? I'm hoping for something like this detuning pedal I messed around with the other day.

4. Is it possible to adjust the Guitar Rig 4 module for a track midsong? Right now I'm using a track for each guitar sound.

5. Tips as to getting midi drums/bass to sound better in Logic?

6. How do I export an MP3 out of logic?
1. depends on what other instruments are in you're song as to where they are sitting in your mix, but i wouldn't recommend panning hard left or hard right. the reason is that i listen to the radio at work, and for some reason its mono, so certain songs wont have any second guitar or a solo etc. and also, music played in clubs is all mono.

2. cant really help on this one, for some reason all the pieces i write with time signature changes end up getting mixed in pro tools.

3. havent used guitar rig 4

4. set your automation mode onto latch for the track, then hit play (not record), then mess around all you like. afterwards make sure automation is on read, then play it back and it should automatically do all the knob fiddling for you.

5. there must be heaps of tutorials on this, but the main thing is your velocities. you want to alter the velocity of each note so that you get the same kind of human accents. (i just cheat and select it all and randomize it) i cant remember how to do this in logic tho, but there is definitely a way.

and also, split each drum/cymbals into separate tracks and put individual eq's on them.

6. export a single track as an mp3? or do an entire bounce? cos i believe there's an mp3 option in the bounce dialog.
2) Open the Time Events Dialogue. You can map tempo/time signature changes there by the measure number in which they occur.

5) For drums I use Addictive. At the end of the day, it's what sounds you have, and I'm not thrilled with Logic's stock ones.
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