We seem to be getting a lot of basic production/mix questions about metal lately, ranging from getting guitar tones, making things sit right, etc and I was wondering if there was enough interest in a full walk through or tutorial using free plug ins with provided stems and steps that goes through the basics of tracking, editing, mixing and then 'mastering' heavy tracks? I'm bored and need something to do.
If I had more time I would help you man, but I believe it is a good idea. Would any one read it is the question. Not trying to discourage you but stickies don't seem to get reads, and the chance of this getting buried is high, but we could always pull it from our hats and be like "check this thread".
It'd be awesome if you could do that man! Lots of us would really appreaciate it!
You commented on my thread about it yesterday night, so you know I'd be more than interested in a walkthrough like this!
Just a man and his strings..

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K, I'll start writing the tutorial and post a new thread tomorrow. I already tracked all the parts and what not and done a rough headphone mix that I'll touch up when I write the accompanying guide. Basically we'll be making this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16210823/Clip.mp3. I figure a breakdown and a 'big' chorus is enough.

More tomorrow... slash later today. Cheers!

Edit: if anyone wants to grab the stems in advance, you can get them here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16210823/Stems.rar
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Not going to lie Odirunn I doubted the amount of people who would read it.

Maybe you can get the axeman to sticky when your done....if only we could get one made on choosing an interface that people would read...
Add "progressive" and the answer is yes

The process is applicable to any style, really.
Sounds good, though I think the gating on the guitar on the breakdown is a tad too tight. I guess people like it that way, though

Lecto for guitars? And bass is DI or..?
What drum samples do you use?
Yea, the reason I went for the super tight sound was to emphasize how important tracking and performance is; no slip editing was done, only punch ins.

Guitars are x50, bass is DI from Trillian and TSE BOD and TSE 808. The drums are all SD2.0. I'll upload my preset in the tutorial thread.
Sick! Never tried the x50, but sounds good, especially in the chorus.

Aah, I thought this tutorial was about free recording of all instruments, but I guess it's guitar oriented since you use SD and Trillian?
Yeah, that's why I provided stems instead of MIDI; more about the mixing process than anything. More concerned with why certain things are done rather than how, that way the theories can be applied to any source people may have.