Hey. (moderators please move this if it's in the wrong forum, sorry)

I was looking at the Korg Monotron lately, looks like a fun synth to mess around with and make sound effects or whatever, but:

I also noticed it's small enough that you could mount it behind the bridge on an electric guitar. If you could feed the output through the output of the guitar it would be a nice live effects generator. And I was thinking the mount could swivel and you could play a lead or 2 on it. So you would get audio from both the guitar and the monotron at the same time.

Have you seen Muse's guitarists Kaossilator guitar mod? Something like that. Maybe slapped into a cheap squier or something cuz I'm short on cash. What do you think? Does it sound do-able?

Also, what about the difference between guitar (HI Z) output and line output of the monotron?

Tell me what you think. Here's a quick MS Paint sketch of what it could look like, zoom in you'll see a picture of the monotron on top of the strat body where it could go (not to scale):
Monotron in Strat.jpg