I'm tired of mush. No matter what I set this amp too I get this mushy, unfocused sound that is just driving me nuts.

If anyone has any experience with Nomad amps setting and advice would be much appreciated. Otherwise, i'm selling this damn thing
Thank you.

I'm playing a Fender American Strat with no pedals. And yes this is the Mesa Nomad.

The problem is I feel like no matter what settings I use, the amp is just characteristically mushy. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on adding clarity and punch to the amp
How old are the tubes? It runs 6L6's right?

I've never played one. Maybe it is a mushy amp, I've just never heard that before about this amp. If you don't want to try some new tubes than maybe it is time to move on as you said.
I've had the tubes for maybe 6 months. and their el84s

The high gain has some issues with mush too but the main problem i'm having is with the clean channel not being articulate enough
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Isn't this a low/mid gainer? What EL84s did you put in there? Tell us more about the preamp tubes. I'd maybe spring for some NOS preamp tubes and maybe a Tubescreamer type boost to help clean up the mud.

Then, if that doesn't help - you can keep the NOS tubes and Tubescreamer and sell your amp and move on.
Dude, what type of tones are you getting...you're not really helping us.
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^ +1

It is kinda hard to help without that info. What are you going for?

I found these two clips on www.tonefinder.com (used to be netmusicians.org)

the two at the bottom: http://tonefinder.com/?search=nomad

Those seem pretty decent to me and probably characterize the tones this amp is most suited for. Low/mid gain Blues/Rock