I'm wondering if I should buy a used POD 2.0 or a POD Studio UX1..

I play guitar, I also sing sometimes, maybe might record a track..

I've seen some used pod 2.0s for less than 100$, and I'm thinking if it's worth it to get that one instead of the new ux1..

I know the ux1, is an audio interface, and it comes with POD Farm, I was wondering if you can also use pod 2.0 with pod farm...

i also like the fact that you can use footswitchs on the pod 2.0, and you can't do that with the pod studio, unless you assign a key on your keyboard and tap it?, but you can't swell volumes or anything..

I'm basically looking for something to enhance my youtube covers, and something to practice with when my gigging amp is in my school's band room.

Also, i'm wondering what's the difference in sound quality between them, and other PODS for recording, I heard some great albums were recorded with PODs and generally the older ones.. I might be needing a DAW for recording if I do get anything else other than the pod studio?

other's i'm looking at..
pod xt live
pocket pod
pod HD
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i think you need to save for the POD HD both recording and live gigs
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