Alexi Laiho's are good, if you're into the stuff. It will make you a lot better.
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C_Sleezy there are a few directions you can go here. Are you aiming at learning a particular style? Or are you after something a little more comprehensive that covers general technique, playing, chords, theory and etc?
Depends on what you want.

What i used and helped me:

You could try:

Jordy Fisher - Jazz method

Rustey Cooley - Shred Guitar Manifesto (it is technique oriented but very good)

Michael Angelo Batio - Speed Kills DVD series

John Petrucci - Rock Discipline (one of the most complete methods - very recommended)

Troy Stetina - Fretboard Mastery - very good for ear training

It also depends on your level, for how long have you been playing ?

I would recommend you take the jordy fisher methods as it helps you a lot with theory and harmony.

And for ear training go for the Troy Stetina Method
John Petrucci - Rock Discipline (available in its entirety via google video)
Anything by Paul Gilbert, especially Intense Rock and Get Out Of My Yard
Marty Friedman - Melodic Control
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More so technique and working my way up to advanced and fast styles of play. I'm a huge fan of Paul Gilbert.