I've been planning to put together a custom Telecaster to meet both my Ska and Punk needs. I've got the body lined up and custom finishing in mind but I'm stuck on what pickups to get.

I was originally thinking a Fender Noiseless but the Seymour Duncan Antiquity for Telecaster (not the 1955 one, I don't know the difference in tone if someone could fill me in) have caught my eye.

As for the neck, I wanted a nice humberbucker for punk so a lot of places said that The Seymour Duncan JB or Invader series are pretty sick for that sound but I can't really find any videos of anyone playing actual punk (**** pop punk, I'm not playing that) with the JB or Invader as the neck pickup so I'm not sure. Does anyone have experience with a JB or an Invader as the neck pickup?

The other thing is I only hear about Seymour Duncan pickups, are there any other humberbuckers by any other companies I should take a look at?

I'm still just trying to figure out a sound, I can add an active pickup slot if I need too.
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had the invader on one guitar... sounded really shrill... didn't like it.

try emailing seymour duncan. they are actually very helpful and helped me pick my tele set.
Punk you say? Go to the nearest pawn shop and steal the first Tele you see and rip the pickups out. Burn the guitar.

Now that's punk.
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I'm not so sure the JB or Invader are advised for Punk, but everyone has their own tastes right? What/who influenced you in your decision to choose the JB/Invader?

Also, it's hard to find demos of the JB in the neck full stop.
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