So, upon my recent possession of a new Ibanez RG350MZ, I'm debating on changing the Infinity pickups.
My Charvel has a Dimarzio Megadrive, however the pickup isn't F spaced, I assume because it's older. It's more like a neck pickup spacing.
Would it be worth it to put this pickup in the bridge position of the Ibanez, even though the pole pieces will be a little off center from the strings?
And the middle and neck pickups, i'm not sure, I could possibly take the alnico magnet from the INF4 and put it in the INF3 neck pickup, and leave the middle one stock, or put in a mexican fender single.
Cusp of Magic
So I've heard:
It would work. F spacing really doesn't mean hardly anything. Just make sure both E poles are lined up.

PS: Go with a True Velvet in the middle, I don't know what tone you want though, so I'll wait for the neck suggestion.
Where's Waldo?
You know, I played my Charvel with the Dimarzio in it, then plugged in the Ibanez.
And the difference in the pickups is like night and day.
So I may swap them out, and change the linear volume pot on the Ibanez to an audio pot. (I hate linear pots with distortion)
But then I may put an older Ibanez neck pickup in the bridge position of the Charvel, do you think that would work out?
Because the stock J200 single coils are weak compared to the bridge pickup, especially in passive mode, maybe something lower output will balance that out...
Cusp of Magic