I have several guitars and each one is tuned differently. I use all of them too. I have one in open D minor, one in standard/drop D, one in drop C, and one in drop B. I would like one more guitar for drop A. Now I know you can do that with a standard 7 string and just tune the lowest down but what are peoples preference on this? I have played a 7 string before and I like the low tone but it took me a while to get used to the neck. However, I still want the high range.

What are your thoughts? Should I get a 6 string and just drop it all the way down or get a 7 and drop the lowest one and keep my range?

Thanks for your help
Personally, the 7's I've tried all felt very odd and took a long time to get my head around having an extra string .

If you're comfortable with the 7's neck and the extra string I see no reason why you wouldn't go for one.

I tune my 6 string guitars to Drop A# and Drop G and get told all the time that it is ridiculous for a 6 string guitar. But in reality most 7 strings are 25.5" scale guitars anyway, so that argument is a little pointless. All about personal preference when it comes to guitar, I guess.
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I don't see why not
It shouldn't take too long getting used to the new neck, but hey, If i was you, i'd invest in a 7 as it'd be easier for drop a etc.
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I thought 7 string was the greatest thing ever for a while, until I realized I'm just not good enough to make use of the extended range. It's cool to have one though, for low tunings and whatnot, but I prefer 6 strings at the moment.
If you wan't to be able to play in drop A but still be able to play songs in E standard, get a 7 string. It will take some getting used to. If you don't think you will miss your high e string, just get another 6 string. But if you're really considering a 7 string, the real guestion is 7 or 8 strings.

Just kidding, 8 is a little too much. The next guitar I hope get will be my first 7 string.
I'd say eight.

But if you don't want to make that jump, I'd go with a seven. More range, and if you tune it to drop A you still have a standard six-string tuning.
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I hate the huge necks on any guitar with more than 6 strings. It doesn't look like a real guitar anymore...
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I hate the huge necks on any guitar with more than 6 strings. It doesn't look like a real guitar anymore...

you do realize that some 6 string have a 1 7/8" neck width (same as most 7s) at the nut, right?
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I had a 7 for awhile, it was fun but I like my 6s better. The way I play it just didn't sound how I wanted. And I never even think about touching my high e. So if you use it, you might want to go 7. I'll be another to say they do take awhile to get used to though.
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