Hey guys

On my quest for a head and cab, I've come across this. My mate's brother is off at uni at the moment and wanting to sell an Orange AD30 and a 2x10 cab for £400 which seems very cheap.

I have a couple of questions:

1. Will a 30w tube head be loud enough for gigging medium sized indoor gigs with 100+ people?

2. As I have no experience with tube amps, is there anything I should check before buying the amp? He said I can go round and have a look at it tonight, but is there anything I should look out for in terms of damage and with the tubes etc... i dont know!

I'm playing a PRS SE Singlecut and do mostly classic rock, blues and metal.

Cheers in advance
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Great amp for what you want. Might need a boost for metal though...

Just make sure it functions properly. Ask when it was retubed and rebiased, and by who. Any other work that was done. Check the tolex for tears (if you care about that kind of thing), etc, etc...
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30 watts will be perfect for classic rock and blues. You'd ideally want a little more headroom for metal but you'll be fine since it's a very loud 30 watts and any decent size gig you should be mic'ed (though as stated you'll probably not get tight metal tones without an OD pedal). Also that's a fantastic price for a very decent amp assuming it's all working as it should be. Hell even if it needed a full retube it'd still be cheap.
Yeah I think I'm going to go for it, I'm going to look at it tomorrow night now. I've done a lot of research on tone and various other things and think it'd be ideal for what I play.

One thing... how do I know if it'll need retubing or not?
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This is a great amp, ive personally played it and it is LOUD! just as loud as a 50 watt 5150. i got this amp in to BrUtalLz territory with a tube screamer in the front of it. it was a different type of brutal but i liked it alot. for straight up rock you cant go wrong here!
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Ok guys I had a look tonight and loved it and I think I'll go for it with the 2x10 orange cab too.

Only question is... this appears to be a SINGLE channel head... I've only seen twin channel ones online and reviews etc... can anyone shed some light on these?

Also... I noticed there are 4 tubes at the back towards the right... all glowing an orangey colour which I've heard is good... however... there was one to the far left, away from the others, which at first I didn't think was on but then noticed it had a very faint orange colour... is it broken or is this supposed to happen?

Like I say, I know nothing about tube amps!

Thanks for the replies so far guys!
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