Fist off thank you!!! for your comment on my post
it was so kind of you
HEres something in return

GUItars: i like how you have set your cleanish guitars and your driven guitars sounds a little frizzy to me but if thats the way you like it anyways the way you play you guitar is really something
GUitar solo(the clean part):i like how you get emotional then after that i would suggest a heavier breakdown
bass:needs to be pumpin' to me
Drums: no comment i'm still learning here
Video:HISTORY 101
i would like to hear more
Really cool riffs! I like the Lamb of God-esque feel at times. I feel like the song would benefit from a really epic chorus somewhere, just for a change of pace. Not bad as far as guitar tone goes, especially listening to some of your other clips on your Soundcloud account. Dig The Ocean cover!
Cheers guys. The song is being released as a single on Itunes in the next few days.
that was ****ing awesome.
the riffs were just amazingly done, and they fitted in perfectly with the drums.
i definitely got a slayer vibe in there. evil. powerful. metal.
the only things that i reckon you could improve on are the guitar tone and the drum programming. for the guitars, i know you wrote that you "cut allot of the mids during the mastering to reduce allot of the "fake" sound", but in order to get a good punch and avoid muddiness and fizziness in you tone, i recommend boosting mids and cutting your lows and highs. if you still want to get a "snarl" on your highs without getting it too fizzy, try boosting your high mids a tiny bit.
also, for the drums, check out superior drummer 2.0 and use the metal foundry kit. ALOT better than ez drummer.
also, throw a shreddin solo in there or something

overall, awesome job. keep it up. subscribed to your channel

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1493256 c4c please
That was awesome. Loved all of the riffs. The clean part works really well with the footage and leading into the first heavy riff.
I really liked to tone you used. I think the 'fizzy' tone worked really well in the mix.
I would also recommend trying to get hold of a copy of Superior Drummer 2.0. Not that you drums sound bad, i think the are good and the programming is excellent, its just that SD 2.0 is a much better programme.

Overall, Great job on the recording and great choice of video.

If you get chance could you comment on mine?